Take services seriously. As a manufacturer with production facility in the US, Sun Fiber offers you something that many of our competitors do not–Supply Guarantee, Customer-centric Supply Chain; Technical Support; Personalized customization and Continuous process improvement.






Supply Guarantee

Customer-centric Supply Chain

Technical Support

Personalized Customization

Continuous process improvement

Our high throughput ensures finished goods supply, and US facility guarantees short lead time for customer

Sun Fiber will fully learn about your production process and product needs, always keep customer satisfaction and profitability in mind, ensure that our products meet or exceed quality expectations, and enhance the value of your products.

Sun Fiber technical staff will follow up on production site per your requirements to ensure that your products are run properly.

Our customers trust Sun Fiber’s extensive experiences. In response to the individual needs of customers, our technology and equipment will ensure high-quality products that meet your performance requirements.

Leveraging expertises in the industries we serve, Sun Fiber continuously looks for ways to improve our performance for customers.